VOID started its activities in 2012 with the association of architects Sergio Frugone, Felipe Rossi and Ricardo Sevilla.

As an office we have a strong conviction that every project we develop, be it private or public development, should be thought to impact its inmediate local context in a greater way.

A creative studio where we believe in multidisciplinary processes and possess and promote a strong culture of collaboration. We believe that this way of working allows for critical and thoughtful discussion which opens new perspectives and opportunities when undertaking a project. 

We are an office structured on three pillas that involve design (experience/performance/execution) and that converge in their center with the client, reminding us what is most important in each project. 

An idea that gathers its architects is the void (in the most exact sense of the word). 

Void does not seek to project with and by the form but to steer away from formalism, being aware that void without shape does not generate space, but it shouldn’t be the shape that generates the void, otherwise becoming an unconscious process of sculpting out an architectural element. 


From INS northeast corner, 25 North. House 927, contiguous to the Cinema Center. CASA PEJIBAYE.

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